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The No Mortgage Purchase Deal – Visit FLEQ HERE.




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"The No Mortgage Purchase Deal"

  1. from their site:
    Find Your Dream Home.
    With the entire Multiple Listing Service (MLS) available to you, search for a house using apps like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, or call up the real estate agent who’s been encouraging you to buy a home for years.
    Buyers agent seems to be included.
    We have a program like this in Tucson for low income housing, wondering if this is for low income as well?

  2. Tammie Mitchell says:

    I read through all the FAQ’s and see where FLEQ has a first right of refusal when the property is resold. I’m not sure I’d get involved in a real estate transaction when there is a first right of refusal.

  3. Stephen Cote says:

    There is a similar company in my market called “Fly Home” not sure if it works the same way but it is an all cash offer for the prospective buyer.

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