The No Credit Report Mortgage is Here

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Well it looks as though there is a company out there saying they will give mortgages out that require no credit report.  Okay… Well, check it out and see what you think.




2 thoughts on “The No Credit Report Mortgage is Here”

  1. Bob Crider says:

    Your comments about World Savings weren't quite accurate. As a former Loan Officer for the company, I can tell you that we did pull credit and if you had bad credit I couldn't do a loan for you. But, if you didn't have any credit, I could do a loan for you if you had a 30% down payment.

  2. John Bonwitt says:

    Hahaha nice post guys! Top 10 for sure. Sorry about yer gas out in Cali. we have 1.59 here in the low country.

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