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The NO appraisal mortgage?  Sure, why not.

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"The NO Appraisal Mortgage…"

  1. Lawrence Walsh says:

    Forget about what their proposing the current, backwards system is already producing “fake values”. The only interaction the consumer gets when they want to transfer real estate is from salespeople, motivated by commission. There used to be advocacy for a buyer, now a buyers agent just agrees with whatever is being advertised, because everybody wants to close a deal and get paid! The unbiased appraiser who is the only party that bases everything on documented data and facts, is not heard from until the parties are in escrow. A backward system with no transparency! With housing shortages, paperwork and money already committed, it motivates a buyer to not to cancel escrow. An Appraisal should be done first with a tight range of value as a conclusion. Then a buyer will know how much additional risk they are taking on in terms of collateral if they decide to pay more than what has been documented – complete transparency!

  2. Norm Ikonen says:

    RIPP it Up! Keep your nose on the grindstone, and convert those leads.

  3. Mike Grumbles says:

    Frank and Brian…great at making videos but not at math. The 10% multiplier shows that 250 leads is 1 closed deal so 540 leads is about 2 deals closed, not 5 to 6 as stated in the video. I do agree with the theory that the higher the commission the higher the amount of work to convert. Just has to point out that but love the video content today.

    Also why not make all the links ABOVE on the website and save the double pointing out link location issue….

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