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Welcome to the New American Dream.  It’s not necessarily owning a home anymore.



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"The New American Dream"

  1. Fred M says:

    How am I supposed to listen to this show when I’m air drumming at my desk to Tom Sawyer??

    JK – Great insight, thanks..

  2. marty says:

    If you play music in the background during a video again I will unsubscribe. Garbage.

    1. teresa says:

      You should probably just save yourself a headache and unsubscribe now?

  3. jp says:

    Love the morning RUSH!!!

  4. Wes says:

    Neil Peart Rocks!!

  5. Todd says:

    Frank! Great song, great video. Thanks for including. Where can we hear more?

    Here’s one source of the DS report. Pretty fascinating info graphic.

    Good sales & marketing advice, too.

    Very deft re-statement of the NMN tweet summary that the many of the millenial home buyers struggled with affordability and downpayment in to “many have still found a way to buy”… the glass half full works too!

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