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Do you wonder why inflation is so out of hand?  I’m sure there are a whole bunch of reasons, but how about this. Did you know that smaller farmers are getting priced out of any expansions, as Small farmers are now going up against deep-pocketed investors, including private equity firms and real estate developers? Who might they be?

Did you know Bill Gates is the largest owner of farming land in the country, and Gates kept his farmland purchases private, but it was recently revealed that he has amassed enough acreage to be the largest private farmland owner in the county. He owns 242,000 acres of farmland in 18 states. We do not know exactly how Gates is using his farmland, whether it’s for actively growing crops or whether any of the land is being set aside for conservation.  

Well, if the largest owner of farmland in the country isn’t growing crops on that land, food is gonna get more expensive. I mean all types of food because corn is in all types of farm animal food, not to mention ethanol which means he’s also lending his hand to higher gas prices.  Why do we bring this up, because inflation isn’t going to go away and when everything is more expensive home values and sales suffer.

Did you know credit card debt is now at an all time high at a staggering $930B?  Oh, and you know those younger Americans, those millennials and gen y’ers whose business we all covet, they’re running record delinquencies on that record revolving debt.  Here’s how credit card delinquencies breakdown by age.  As you can tell, basically, the older you get the more responsible with your payments you become.  Go figure.  

It’s because of inflation. Inflation to the economy is like salting your food.  Both are just gonna give you high blood pressure and get you closer to a cardiac event. Hey, here’s a good one.  You wanna know what the Fed believes is the best indicator that a recession is right around the corner. And I love this. Listen closely. 

Near-Term Forward Spread

In 2018, the Fed published a paper about a lesser-known but more robust predictor of a pending recession. The indicator is called the “near-term forward spread.” It measures the expected three-month Treasury yield eighteen months in the future minus the current three-month Treasury rate. While this might sound complicated, the near-term forward spread reflects the bond market’s expectation of Fed rate changes over the coming year and a half.

While the 10-year minus 2-year yield curve has been inverted for some time, the near-term forward spread just inverted and  produced its recession warning last week.  Don’t you just love that?  The all knowing omnipotent fed.  Remember, Barry told us that only two members of the Fed have ever had a job outside of academia, and those were with a corrupt firm.  So, it stands to reason that the Fed says, the best indicator of a recession is how fearful the bond market gets over what they believe the Fed rate change will be 18 months from now.  I say, who in the hell knows what they’re gonna do in the next quarter!  So Fed Fred…. Thanks for clearing that one up for us!