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Tune in today and look at the most expensive listing in the USA EVER!



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"The Most Expensive Listing in the USA EVER!"

  1. Sarah T says:


    Looks like that is another one… although it looks pretty similar…

  2. Stuart Burnett says:

    Obviously, you two clowns know NOTHING of being one of the “beautiful people!” But hey… neither do I! Thanks for the laugh! ūüėČ

  3. Ruth Demille says:

    I should think that if someone were to buy this home it would be for all cash in there wouldn’t be an appraisal but could you imagine what it would do to the other high-end listings thinking of hitting the CA market! People would be throwing their house is up for astronomical numbers just to take it manage of that recently sold comp !

  4. Paul Klimke says:

    You know who provided a big chunk of the capital to build this place…. ME!! My wife has been buying ‘B Makowsky’s’ handbags and crap for years….plus the handbags and crap of Bruce’s wife… Kathy Van Zeeland. I want my taste!!

  5. JACK GIRVAN says:

    The helicopter is included but it is only for show as the Homeowner Association forbids it’s use.

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