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The Long Lasting Changes Trump Brings to Housing



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"The Long Lasting Changes Trump Brings to Housing"

  1. Scott Johnson says:

    So the Fed rate goes up, the rate banks pay on money, in an economy where banks profits are through the roof. But, mortgage rates have actually gone done…bad thing?

  2. Dana DiVecchio says:

    Like our founders, (thank GOD, yes…I said it, GOD) he GETS IT!!! The idiots on BOTH sides of the isles are fighting for their golden parachute lives, while he is simply trying to do the best he can to level the playing field in ALL things American. All this while he is getting the worst press in the history of the presidency – unprecedented negative coverage. Yes, when he opens his pie hole I want to vomit, but he is a conservative nationalist who is walking the walk and keeping capitalism alive and thriving! By the by, I NEVER voice my opinions on a social media platform and don’t even have a facebook account, I just look at things objectively and (try) to be intelligent when making decisions, be they moral or business in nature. PS: You guys ROCK, even though you live in the Peoples Republic of California, and lean a little more left than me ūüėČ

  3. Bernie says:

    After Bill Clinton gave everyone a home in America even if they could not afford it. Then Bush not realizing until it was too late what a hot mess Clinton had created. Then Obama choking the life out of the America until it was on life support. This is more than welcome news you have given us today Gentleman. This is fantastic news. Should they all be appointed America will have brand new life blood in it making American businesses stronger than ever. This will just give us such a strong foundation. We need this badly. Another reason to vote for Trump in 2020!!!!

  4. Ed Fahey says:

    You nailed it! The President nailed it! Go Trump!!

  5. Now it is time to FREE THE APPRAISER! from AMC domination in appraisal selection, its not working, Appraisers going broke with fees stuck in the 1990-early 2000’s while inflation eats up the flat fees, costs for all aspects of the BUSINESS have increased, fees flat have not. Hey, its 2018, 10 yrs since the recession and nothing for the Appraisal industry has improved. I work harder, more hours and make less now then ever before in my 25 yr career. The winners, AMC’s who can make or break your career, who choose cheapest & fastest as the model for the industry. This middleman AMC model is robbing the American Public with their scam the banks have perpetuated on the industry. $500+ appraisal fees are OK, but to give the Appraiser $300-350 and AMC keeps the rest! Absurd as they dont go into the field, use their own vehicle, have licensing, E & O Insurance and continuing education, offices for 1-2 are expensive. Time to eliminate this Cancer/Bloodsucker thrust upon this industry and free the Appraiser to solicit their own loyal clients again, instead of being a number in their power play. Get paid at the door, not 30-45-60 days later on a promised 30 day net fee structure. Even a round robin system would be better, because now it is Favoratism, Nepatism and bullying the Appraiser to play their game or be cut off. Their game is to control how many assignments you get and how much you will be paid, what you wear, what you say, how you look, etc. Ask for more $$, they cancel the assignment, is is no wonder so many appraisers have left this industry. We cant be a puppet to the puppet masters and retain independence anymore. Please Mr President, get rid of Dodd-Frank ASAP! Before another appraiser drowns in debt, has to declare bankruptcy, can’t get a newer then 10 yr old vehicle, maybe have an office again instead of working in their garage. And the REFI business is drying up, so many appraisers in my market, they broadcast for a bid, the lowest & fastest turn time wins. The professional is left with the scraps, the beginner living at home gets the lions share of the work. And the biggest scam, dont tell the borrower what your getting for your fee, because if you did, they would complain in mass. Dodd-Frank was the worst thing ever perpetuated on the Appraisal Industry professionals, because a few lenders out there demanded they hit numbers, the whole industry is left in shambles, run by foxes in a hen house!

  6. Tommi Crow says:

    Donald Trump is a liar, a racist, he has always beem a con man and he’s Putin’s puppet. Trump inherited a roaring economy, low unemployment, low interest rates and a housing shortage. If he stays in office through his four-year term, it will end with rampant High inflation, record-setting deficits and much higher interest rates which will put the brake on housing. In short, dump Trump

    1. SarcasmDetector says:

      That’s satire, right Tommi? A ‘roaring economy’ under Obama? HAHAHAHA! First POTUS to leave office without having at least one year of 3% growth. Millions left the job market to help ‘lower’ unemployment but are now returning because we have more jobs than people to fill them. And Obama added more to the National Debt than the aggregate of all Presidents before him…and Trump has ‘record-setting deficits’ lol! You’re one funny woman!

  7. Mike Rust says:

    To compare the SCOTUS to the Fed BOG is apples to oranges, while the Fed. sets interest rates and banking regs. the SCOTUS rules on all areas of the law and regulations. In addition the SCOUTS members are lifetime appointees and the Fed BOG members have term limits. Trump is out of his legeaue and will crash the economy before he improves it.

  8. GARY MASARSKY says:

    maybe i am wrong as many forgot to see see it in the past. rates should have been up 10 years ago and slowly came down but we had a bubble burst. system became stable when rates went up and so did values of homes. but NO everyone is willing to repeat the process but only this time rates are not stupid low and fed is finally doing something to stabilize the process. maybe to fast maybe over needed rates. but everyone forgot how mortgage rates work and are different from interest rates. why does half the country think at’s all great and half is so blind that nothing anyone does can not be positive.
    i can say i don’t agree with current politics but never heard i like current policy on economics or dodd frank or fed rates or …

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