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The Loan Depot Thing Everyone is Freaking Out About



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"The Loan Depot Thing Everyone is Freaking Out About"

  1. Scott Johnson says:

    advertising, even poor, and a bit deceptive advertising that is talked about and seen by a great number of people is good advertising. So while it may be your opinion that this is bad advertising it did serve it’s intended purpose of being seen by the masses. While some will see this as a poor way to do this, others may look at it and think they love the foot on the throat, do what it takes attitude of getting results. Interesting for sure

  2. David Luna says:

    Frank and Brian I liked what you said that we all make mistakes and we should move on. Raising above the error shows what we are made of. Forgiving people doesn’t make us weak in fact it is the opposite it shows that we know we are all human!

  3. mike says:

    LD Wholesale is a separate division than Loan Depot, so I’m wondering how this retail LO got the details on “Matt”, his clients he was sending to LDW, and the realtors involved. If the wholesale division is giving this info to the retail branches then this is pretty scandalous.

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