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The Keller Zillow Rebuttal



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"The Keller Zillow Rebuttal"

  1. Nate Gerard says:

    Full disclosure, I work with KW but I’m my own person and always have been. I also use Zillow due to the ROI yet I stood up in their local meeting last spring and compared how they do business to being a drug dealer (meaning they keep opening up more and more impressions so your share in that zip code is diluted requiring you to spend more to get the same market share you used to have) so I’m not drinking anyone’s Kool-aid. What I’m unclear about is what exactly are the details of this relationship between Zillow and KW? Has Gary made a corporate deal with Zillow? I can’t tell. From what you say, you seem to infer that. Has one or a group of KW market centers made some sort of a deal with Zillow? I see accusations being levied. I see blind defending happening. What I don’t see are the specific details of the business relationship. I’ve now watched two shows on this subject and I still don’t know what happened to cause you to do the first show. BTW I love you guys and have been with you since the Indynac show in the TBWS days and Frank is tops in my book since he’s a Rush fan. So no jabs from me. I just need more info. Thanks guys!

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