The HUD Approved 100% DPA Deal

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The HUD Approved 100% DPA Deal





9 thoughts on “The HUD Approved 100% DPA Deal”

  1. Troy Ragland says:

    Please send info. I know agents will be bombarding me with this.

  2. Troy Ragland says:

    Please send info.
    Agents will be screaming for the program.

  3. Mike Fowler says:

    Tell me more about the HUD Approved 100% DPA, please. I completed the form and no information was provided.

  4. I have attempted 3 times to get the information on the “HUD appproved 100% DPA Deal” without success. Can you help?

    Thank you

  5. Natasha Tomlinson says:

    Please forward information on 100% HUD approved loan. Thanks

  6. Glenda Love says:

    I’m a 65 yr senior on a fixed income of 790.00 a month rent is will be raised to 607.00 i have tried everything no one will accept my income I have lived here for 6 yrs I moved in with a guarantor I’m afraid I’ma end up homeless if I can’t find help by December 3rd please help

  7. FHA has no 100% dpa program the only way you get DPA is through counties DPA.FHA has a 100 dollars Down payment program when buying HUD repossessed houses

  8. Denise Alcorn says:

    I have also not received any info. Can you please send the name or website?

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