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additional comments on
"The Graying of the American Home Buyer"

  1. Cannot agree more. Yes, we are in Florida, but Central Florida, where the growth of jobs albeit lower paying in some cases, has led Millenial generation to buy first homes. But we are seeing huge growth in seniors who are unwilling or unable to take care of large homesteads, and opting for smaller and less expensive homes, either condos or small zero lot line homes with no maintenance. Some are getting back into rentals, because they are often cheaper than what they were in before. When you combine the tightened credit standards with student debt and inability to save up because of currently high price of renting, and you have two generations trapped in place and unwilling to move. In Orlando that means going from people moving every 7-8 years to once every 14 years on average and some camped out for 20 years or more.

  2. Lynn Jakubik says:

    The problem is, at least in the Mpls area, they are still building mini mansion 2 stories when the baby boomers are crying out for one levels with small lots. They just don’t exist. And trying to find a handicapped friendly house with little stairs, wide doorways and low maintenance? They just don’t exist. From my own experience – the builders are missing the boat on a whole cash carrying segment of the market willing to buy if it were available.

  3. Greg Johnson says:

    The best part of this was the intro music. Thanks for the new addition to the play list!!!

  4. Greg Johnson says:

    The best part of this was the intro music. Thanks for the addition to the play list!!

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