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The attacks in France have truly heated up the debate over “legal immigration”.  How could it impact US Housing?



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"The France Attacks and US Housing"

  1. Disappointed in the lack of content in this piece. We already know the candidates are a bunch of knuckle heads. I normally take away some knowledge from you broadcast- not this time.

  2. Diane Balsara says:

    Excellent post and definitely a good point out how recent events are going to influence voting and down the line policy.

  3. Dave says:

    I believe this to have an enormous amount of content and great awareness on a possible direction we are headed in. Great insight guys and think you nailed it once again.

  4. Bob Lorence says:

    You Guys are right on. The first duty of government is to protect the American Citizens period,

  5. Frank Garay says:

    Seems maybe you didn't get what we were saying. Our point is that based on current terrorist events which leads to the heightend awareness of current migration events, ie Syrian refugees coming to America, some voting fence sitters may get off the fence and vote down conservative lines. If that happens it could have a big impact on banking regultaion and your business if you're in lending or real estate.

  6. Wasn't it Hillary's husband who set us up for the last home market implosion? Yet, they're going to point the finger at Wall Street.

  7. Pam Allen says:

    Frank Garay I thought the message was very clear and accurate. Thanks for the connection.

  8. I do not think it is a good idea to bring more people here. They do not speak our language and who will support and finance them? We the tax payers. It is not fair they get more than the hard working people who pay taxes. I do not think it is a question of should we bring them here. We will be destroyed from within.

  9. One more thing, when we go to a foreign land they put us in jail or shoot us – they come here and we roll out the red carpet and give them anything they want – no work involved for them. They do not even have to know the language because we supply interpreters and lawyers looking for big bucks to sue our government if they do not think we are treating them right. I say kudos to France for doing the right thing and going after those killing others. I hope they kick there butt back to their own country where they can kill each other.

  10. P.S. Love you guys and the videos.

  11. Bernie says:

    ISIS is here and per their statement the day after Paris they are coming for Washington D.C. Which means they are not really they are coming for every other possible soft target in the US to hurt Washington D.C. If anything like 9/11 happens in the next few days, weeks, or months it will have an enormous pull towards conservative America. Black Lives Matter voice will be shut down at least for a little while until the country recovers from the next terrorist attack. I think unfortunately with our wide open borders we are really sitting ducks. Like a fox in the hen house or fish in a barrel. Per ISIS there will be more bloodshed than 9/11 and we lost over 3500 lives that day.

  12. Scott parker says:

    this president is allowing an invasion.. Germany is already going thru it and losing and we are next.. this was our presidents decision and plan from day 1.. hes a muslim

  13. John Reid says:

    Two subjects best ignored in a media such as this are politics and religion. That being said, our housing market is not what attracts Islamists to America. It is an opportunity to hunt without a license and breed without any concern about affordability since our government, as now controlled, will use your tax dollars to support those interlopers for life. Go figure. On the housing question, whether Repubs or Democrats are best for the market? Neither!! If either party was worth crap theywould not have approved Dodd Frank and would have reinstated Glass Steagall. OK so I violated the first sentence of this post . . .

  14. Leslie De Palo says:

    Thanks for inspiring a conversation today about how the most recent Paris tragedy may impact the “fence sitters”. In my mind, regulation and stricter legislation when it comes to money and where it comes from (aka ISIS / al qaeda types of money laundering schemes, etc.) would cause the laws and regulations to get tighter and not looser. How can we find these terrorists if we do not crack down on and destroy their ability to finance such large scale plots? Am I missing something?!?

  15. Brian and Frank the political scientists. Excellent analysis.

  16. Dora Griffin says:

    When does this country deny all immigration? Hopefully never. The republican clown bus and faux news is stirring the pot. If folks would just take a minute to explore, investigate before getting all fired up over ignorance they would be so enlightened. The latest is about Syrian immigrants. Next week it will be something new if this dies down. It is all about ratings.

  17. Well ..the Conservatives are now saying they want all Muslims to be registered..kind of like the Jews in WW2. Scary. Also, the problem is not legal immigration because it is a 18-24 month process. If a terrorist wants to come in, they really dont have to try too hard. We have no visa arrangements with 38 countries. The Paris Bombers were in part French nationalists. They don't want to wait 18-24 months when they can get a fake passport and come right in. Facts.
    So don't count on the conservatives winning this election just yet. This was a real stretch.

  18. Selena says:

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    checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get several e-mails with the
    same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service?

    Bless you!
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