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The Fannie Freddie Joke Continues.



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"The Fannie Freddie Joke Continues"

  1. Melinda Hipp says:

    There are NO banners showing up on the side of the screen

  2. Sean says:

    The National Bank of Switzerland does indeed own a large amount of privately held corporations including a very large holding of Apple shares. In fact, there are many national banks and sovereign wealth funds that invest heavily in private corporations through stock ownership. How can that happen when the bank has the ability to create money out of thin air? The better question is, can this possibly be sustainable? No, of course not it’s anti-capitalism.
    Why do these things happen? Because the Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE bank. It is not federal, it has no reserves that are the country’s. They are privately held. The whole system is disgusting if you have any belief in a free market economy. We have not had a free market economy since 1913 when the 3rd bank of the United States (cleverly named the Federal Reserve to mask what it really is) was chartered.

  3. John Bacon says:

    Why are you leaving Penny out? To be honest I need more than a couple minutes of sound bites… the American People are the Government which tells me that their promise to back loans is equivalent to buying a Government backed United States Bond…. maybe let them loose if something goes directly towards paying down the national debt, yes another debt on the backs of the American People?

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