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The Elections Effect on Rates with Barry Habib




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"The Elections Effect on Rates with Barry Habib"

  1. Great stuff, Barry. Congrats on the award. Always look forward to you economic outlook.

  2. Jirius Isaac says:

    Barry, I always apprecdiate your insight except when you say you do not get political and you do. Socialism is not what Bernie wants. It is Democratic Socialism. Which, is alive and doing well in Scandinavia and N Europe. It works. What does not work is totalitarian communist and right wing regimes and that is what Trump is trying to move us towards. That is why he loves N Korea, Putin, etc.

    1. Marsis Powers says:

      My husband and his parents were refugees from USSR. He says most Americans including politicians don’t know what communism, socialism, and socialist democrat is, and he should know. FDR was a Socialistdemocrat which gave us: FHA loans so the non rich could buy homes with 30 year mortgages;social security for the elderly and children with dead parent(s); and so much more safety net.

    2. Sarcasm Detector says:

      Sorry, Jurius, but you’re clueless. The Scandinavian countries have generous social benefits because of Capitalism. They are free market societies and Bernie wants to change that. Giving workers a say in how businesses are run? Yeah, sounds great lol! As for Trump, he’s done NOTHING like what you claim. He’s for smaller government and fewer regulations. Bernie wants bigger government and more control over our lives, which means less FREEDOM! Take your Communism elsewhere, fool.

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