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Well, the CFPB is looking a Zillow after all.  Brian had done a post about this fairly recently that was met with much opposition saying that it wasn’t true, but, according to Zillow, it is true.



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"The CFPB IS Looking at Zillow"

  1. Karen Darr says:

    Love this – Zillow take tons of money from deep pocket Realtors. I’m talking $1,700. -$2,200. per month; so the little guy that only gives Zillow $500. per month gets thrown under the bus – so to speak.
    I would like to know how to complain about Zillow – no don’t say stop using them.
    Zillow has amazing convincing tactics & charts to make you think they can help you.
    Zillow is getting RICH off of other peoples efforts – Zillow gets home listings from agents that list the home on ARML FLEX MLS that agents pay for-Zillow must pay ARMLS FLEX MLS to feed into their system. When Buyer/Sellers call on a home Zillow steers that person the agent that pay Zillow big dollars.
    How is the National Association of Realtors (NAR) not involved in controlling this situation??? All Realtors and Brokers have to pay NAR per year – so there again talk about tons of money.
    I can’t wait to hear back – thank you for the update-was fun watching and thanks for a way to communicate. Karen Darr Arizona

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