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The CFPB is free at last but can’t catch a break from the media and Senator Warren.



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"The CFPB is free at last!"

  1. Dianne Joaquin says:

    Thanks for the updates Brian!!

  2. Nick Velko says:

    Now if you can only convince NAR and the MLD to stop their contributions of our membership fees to the DNC and their candidates.

  3. Karlton Uhm says:

    Thanks for the update….

  4. Rick Kesseler says:

    Very good show today guys. What a unique idea, have the government work for the consumer! hmmmmmmmmm Maybe this will catch on at the state and maybe even the local level!

  5. Harry M Pritikin says:

    So lets say Wells Fargo sets up a bunch of credit card accounts in customer’s names without their knowledge. Will the new CFBP go after them? How about if a securities company bundles a bunch of sub-prime loans and sells them as tripple A commodities? Will the new CFPB put a stop to that? Just wondering.

    1. SarcasmDetector says:

      Very cute Harry. I guess you don’t know that the CFPB didn’t find out about that mess at Wells Fargo, did you? It was the Los Angeles Times, snowflake. They did an investigation and found the fraud. The CFPB is a worthless agency that was punitive and spiteful to our industry. So many were fined and paid rather than fighting a government entity, even though they were innocent. Thankfully a couple companies, Quicken and PHH, decided to fight back and show how they cannot be bullied by that ass-hat named Cordray. Good riddance to him and his bunch of leftist creeps.

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