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The Biggest Story Nobody is Talking About.




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"The Biggest Story Nobody is Talking About."

  1. Scott Johnson says:

    The government is concerned about the cash cows they call Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. What’s even more disturbing is we have the people who make the laws for “we the people”, but few of those laws apply to those who make them. How many people in Congress, making $190k per year live in $1 million plus homes? How many of them have ratio’s greater then 50? I bet the average is higher then “we the people”

  2. FL-MTG-BRKR says:

    Yeah, what Brian Hiatt said above! The GSEs would have plenty of capital if they were able to keep their profits. Not saying that a little tweeking on DTI is not called for, but a combination of high credit score, good reserves, more than minimal down, should allow for higher DTI’s.

  3. Wouldn’t this move simply force these loans over to the NonQM side? Thus, it’s a way to put more profits into the hands of private companies (Reb vs. Dem style) – which is fine – so long as the rates and products are comparable to what Fannie / Freddie offers, how is this not what will happen? And, oh yeah, hey Gov’t STOP RAIDING THE FANNIE / FREDDIE profits and maybe they wouldn’t be so undercapitalized….

  4. Russ Nash says:

    Isn’t the problem of fannie and Freddie being leveraged 1,000 to 1 coming from the fed raiding all the profits from the GSE’s?

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