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In this edition of War Story Wednesdays, San Francisco real estate and insurance bad faith trial attorney Christopher Hanson tells the story of a sweet young couple who bought their first house, and were promptly threatened with going underwater, literally. (Adapted from Sweat v. Holister, 37 Cal.App.4th 603)

By Christopher Hanson. I’m an experienced trial lawyer, not just a litigator. I’m not afraid of (and actually enjoy) being in a courtroom.  I’ve been called ingenious, tenacious, and strategic.  I’ll take those accolades.





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"The Sweet Young Couple"

  1. jw says:

    This guy sounds confused: a flood zone is not “zoning” anymore than a speed zone, AutoZone, or the friend zone, is “zoning”. If the property is zoned legal, non conforming then yes, absent a “burn letter” good luck rebuilding if the property is demolished, but this is not a part of being in a flood zone specifically. Other factors were at play.

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