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The Supreme Court is looking at a case that could potentially outlaw the use of Open House Signs.



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"Supreme Court Looking at Open House Signs"

  1. I hate the new format. It is confusing and difficult to navigate

  2. Nancy Viejo says:

    So has the whole population gone crazy? You'd think that the SCOTUS wouldn't even consider this case. Boggles the mind. Becareful what you wish for.

  3. I love this one talk about common sense where did it go!!!!

  4. Dan C says:

    Did you change something this week on your videos? Monday and Today’s video are not showing up when I use firefox. I can access the old video’s with no issues.

    1. admin says:

      No, we haven’t done anything. Try a different browser?

  5. I keep saying they are putting something in the water that is effecting 3/4 of the population! When is the craziest going to stop! Maybe when we are all zombies! Wake up America!

  6. Dora Griffin says:

    So the DOJ is going to sue everyone the cfpb does not. Amazing how Dodd Frank has turned the lending world upside down for anyong in the lending business, but they could not spend the same amount of effort on sending the real crooks to jail. Agree with a couple of posts, everyone has gone crazy.

  7. Pam Allen says:

    I'm surprised Frank & Brian, you missed the best part – the back ground music – "Signs, signs, everywhere signs. Blocking out the scenery…."


  9. Betty Clark says:

    I don't think all signs would be banned. How about all the political signs? During election periods our area looks like trash city with all the political signs. A few open house signs are nothing compared to the political signs.

  10. Bill Balcer says:

    There was a time in our small middle class suburbs in my area that all real estagte signs were banned. It was great !!!! We had constant walkins asking if there was anything for sale around here ….and at that point we welcomes them to sit down and we gained another customer. Besides, who wants to get robbed or raped or killed at an open house?

  11. So I guess they need to get rid of ALL traffic signs as well, sense they are directional signs America has lost it freaking mind!

  12. Soooo, whats next? Swallow the camel sieve out the knat?

  13. Bill says:

    Brian where in Irvine today and what time?

    1. admin says:

      Here you go Bill: http://nmpholiday.com/

  14. share buttons are still not working….I really wanted to share this one

  15. Am I the only one not able to share??

  16. Ric Giumenta says:

    We have been having this same argument with the City of Palm Coast, Florida for years! Let's see what the SCOTUS comes up with!

  17. Liz Hunter says:

    I live in Placer County City of Rocklin and close to the city of Roseville. The restrictions on signs is crazy. I actually witnessed a police officer exit his police car and pick up a sign that was not even on the sidewalk. We are working with our sellers to sell their homes and open house signs do help. Many potential buyers come through our area from the Bay Area at the weekends looking for homes that are more affordable. One Agent in this area actually had 2 police cars at her open house because of the signs. This is beyond ridiculous. Tax payers money hard at work. By the way most of the Realtors in this area and doing our best so we can keep some signs out to help people find the open houses. Even in 2015 not eveyone has a computer or a smart phone to help them with open houses. We are just trying to do our job by selling our Sellers homes.

  18. Really? You actually believe if Quicken stops telmarketing FHA loans there will be no other lenders to step up to the window?

    Maybe if the media keeps saying it over and over again DOJ will be like "Oh no! God no! We can't let Quicken quit originating FHA loans. Let's do what ever makes them happy because no other lenders are willing to pick up the slack. Please, please, we can't upset Dan Gilbert. He saved Detroit! He's our hero". Or maybe not. Media manipulation of perception only works on the ignorant.

    Any other loan officers willing to originate a few extra FHA loans?

  19. do not get excited, i really do not think it will happen.

  20. Steve Harris says:

    That is of course, just nuts. About as nuts as shutting off the Delta water to the SJ valley over the "Delta Smelt". New and unusual ways to kill California.

  21. Jake Allen says:

    I am going to ad FHA financing available to my directional signs. Any opportunity to get CFBP, DOJ and SCOTUS panties all bunched up makes me happy. Not like our government has bigger issues to be dealing with.

  22. Marvin VR says:

    Your vid isnt working. No sound and vid is choppy—stopping in places.

  23. Bill Mathis says:

    I don't believe in open houses (National statistics indicate that only 1% of buyers actually purchase a home from an open house): however, I do believe in the First Amendment. If people are responsible with their open house signs e.g.,not to encrouch on others property without their permission, then why are we spending taxpayer money on spurrilous court proceedings. We have gone too far when it comes to regulations and laws. Can't our poiice use their resources more prudently than arresting "sign offenders?"

  24. Too bad the Supreme Court doesn't have anything else to do. But…when they act on something it can affect all of us. How sad! People start silly things and it just snowballs! Wish I could share this!

  25. Harry Pritikin says:

    This is a bit off topic, but am I the only one who was struck dumb by huge lake meandering through the community of Gilber Arizona? Arizona, isn’t that the state with the lowest annual rainfall in the country? Doesn’t it regulary get up to 110 degrees in the summer? Isn’t that the state where water table has dropped 143 feet in the past 20 years?

  26. Tony Pérez says:

    I've seen a simple solution to this kind of problem. In Fort Worth, residents can apply for a free permit to register their Garage Sale. It's free because the city doesn't want to charge a resident unreasonable fees. Free is always reasonable. The registration part covers two benefits to the community. 1. Police know it's a lawful and temporary enterprise in case neighbors call in about it. 2. It keeps track of people who try to hold a garage sale every weekend. This would represent a less lawful enterprise. In the case of Realtors, we don't hold houses open as often as we used to and a process like the one described above would provide a history that would protect everyone involved. If an "Open House Permit" was registered with the respective city, the police would know it's OK and the city could ensure that it's not a regular occurrence that might become a sign nuisance. After all, our directional signs are usually only up for a handful of hours. I pick mine up every time to ensure no one "harvests" them when I'm done. Of course, if directional signs were banned, who am I to reject the idea of a technology (GPS) equipped Realtor (me) becoming more desirable for those in the market to sell or buy a home?

  27. I work in the Gilbert area. Now I have seen it all!

  28. Mike Hurney says:

    How about "Bandit Signs"?

  29. Hi Totsie, can you contact me please at investorequitygroup@yahoo.com? I have a property in Deming to sell. Thanks

  30. I absolutely agree. At least we pick up our open house signs when it's over!

  31. Jack Smolko says:

    The Country is going to hell in a handbasket and SCOTUS, POTUS probably FLOTUS as well are concerned with Open House signs. We are truly living in Bizaro World. Everyday seems to be getting crazier than the day before.

  32. Ron says:

    And we wonder why people are going postal? We are all getting sick and fed up with being told what to do. The government should just keep their dumb ass– out of the real business world. The Dodd/Frank fiasco obviously isn’t enough. I mean, is TRID really necessary and does it make for a better experience for the “consumer” as promised? Nope. But if the banks screw up, the GOVERNMENT collects fines, Therein lies the real reason for it. I say, clamp down on the idiots only. Don’t make broad, sweeping changes for everyone when its only the minority who are causing he problems. Second thought, that will mean actually do some real work on their part. Hmmmm, never happen.

  33. Sam DeBord says:

    Great video, guys. If municipalities read this court decision without thorough investigation, local governments could ban open house signs.

    Realtors: you need to act on this. Educate them on why real estate is exempted. http://www.inman.com/2015/12/04/could-the-supreme-court-put-an-end-to-open-house-signs/

  34. Steve Ervin says:

    First, while 1% of buyers actually FOUND the house they bought at an open house, this is a tool used by 59% of home buyers during their search. And more importantly they use this tool in the last 12 to 15 weeks of the buying process when they SAY they are ACTIVELY searching for a home to purchase (rather than during the 18 to 24 months the AVERAGE person spends browsing on the internet dreaming about doing a transaction. What NAR's studies don't get into is how many of those visitors to an open house meet the AGENT they end up using to complete the transaction.

    Second, a well marketed open house is a powerful tool for NEW agents to use when they don't have any of their own listings. I bet if you do a poll in your office you will find that less than 5% of the agents there would not JUMP at the chance to have a rookie sit at an open house for them. The listing agent looks good to the seller and the new agent has good chance to pick up his or her first listings as well and develop some buyer agent sides (a/k/a get their real estate business off the ground).

    Just what is it that makes you not believe in open houses?

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