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Today we speak with NAMB’s incoming president, Fred Kreger about subprime, compliance and the CFPB.  Tune in and enjoy!



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"Subprime, Compliance and the CFPB"

  1. haha, the thug life shtick was great

  2. Randy Johnson says:

    You’d do all of us a favor if you found a new word than sub-prime to describe “does not meet Fannie-Freddie standards.” Sub-prime has so much emotion attached to it that it is not useful in describing this segment of the market.

    Assuming every originator is a “good guy,” there is a qualitative difference between two loans that are identical except that one is 90% LTV and the other is 40% LTV. The latter loan is risk-free and could arguably be done at a prime rate regardless of other underwriting criteria. I am actually astonished that someone on Wall Street hasn’t started a fund to buy loans <50% LTV with no pricing hits.

    Why hasn't this happened……yet?

  3. Bob Schwab says:

    If you are a professional originator you need to be a member of your professional associations. In California that would be a member of CAMP and NAMB. Strength in numbers!

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