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Speed and Certainty are Keys to Longevity



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"Speed and Certainty are Keys to Longevity"

  1. Scott Johnson says:

    Easy to see why a company with zero branches out paces Chase and Wells. Wells and Chase have the same old ass people running the mortgage company that ran it 15 years ago. Collectively they have had no ground breaking ideas since the Reagan administration. Old technology, old concepts, old training and old ideas just are not cutting it. Quicken will continue to kick the butts of the big banks because they are always looking to improve and place a real value on customer service that is just not a number, but a way to actually treat its customers and employees.

  2. Robert Ashburner says:

    Speed Is Life! Certainty Is Comfort! Together that is a pretty compelling message. . .
    “Thou who hesitates is dead,” Fighter Weapons. Comfort equates to service and mindfulness of self and others. . .

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