Hire Frank & Brian!

Frank Garary and Brian StevensFrank Garay and Brian Stevens have been speaking around the country since 2009.  They speak at all kinds of events so the sky’s the limit if you’re considering hiring them.  They have the content and the ability to speak anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours, even all day if needed.  When they speak it’s always very educational, inspirational and filled with humor.

They have spoken for several real estate and mortgage associations and private companies.  They’ve even spoken at the 2013 Fraud Auditors Conference in Chicago, so there’s really no bill they can’t fill.  The primary focus of their content is marketing and business development.  Although they are considered “techy” in nature, their presentations typically bring salespeople back to the basics with a primary focus on “consistency”.  All participants leave their presentations with tools they can implement immediately, and they also leave feeling very happy that they attended.

Their schedule can get very busy, speaking sometimes several times a month, so if you’re interested inquire quickly to make sure you can get the date you want.  They require a speaking fee, business class air travel and individual hotel rooms.  To find out if they are available to speak at your event ask for Kian at: