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Sometimes there simply isn’t any words needed to explain a story.  Watch.  You’ll see.



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"Sometimes There is No Explanation Needed…"

  1. Steven Woloszyk says:

    Agree with Michael…explanation definitely needed!

  2. Michael Lasson says:

    I am already Subscribed, great program….

  3. Linda Sue says:

    I fell out of my chair laughing, sometimes, no words are necessary

  4. DENNIS says:

    Some of you might not be old enough to know who this is ..she did some very bad things to her ex’s private parts……LOL…He sings soprano now……just a little high pitched…..or did they put it back???…dont remember getting old and have ” seen the nile “….LOL…….That is why they showed the knives in the background…..definitely put a smile on my face

  5. Bill Krone says:

    At Least we know John didn’t have a short sale – he had one several years before

  6. Scott Dykstra says:

    Two knife blocks? Who needs that many knives? I suppose tools of the trade…

  7. John Welter says:

    That’s just the tip of the iceberg! She will whack prices in half!, no bones about it!

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