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Smoking has been banned in section 8 housing by HUD.  So there… you’ve been warned.



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"Smoking Banned in Section 8 Housing"

  1. Lyn DeVincenzo says:

    I work in poor neighborhoods and it bugs me that they all smoke on MY DIME. Sec 8 is not “their home” WE pay for it. I do not take sec 8 tenants, because it keeps people poor.

  2. Mike Minor says:

    Who owns these building? No different than any landlord who sets rules for ne smoking, pets, etc. In addition, think of the extra money they will have for necessities like groceries and care of their children, etc. Thank you.

  3. Don says:

    I miss your end of show bits! Thanks for bringing them back. As far as S8 smoking, graduate school, get a job, pay taxes, and buy a home; then smoke 24/7 if you like.
    However, the overbearing FEDS will use this as a stepping stone to outlawing smoking in ALL houses “for the children”. Do you doubt it?

  4. Rick Fonseca says:

    Cheech and Chong, Hilarious

  5. Faith says:

    Government can dictate there requirements if they are the ones paying for it. Is this really about Section 8 as there is no smoking in regular paying apartments as well. This appears to be just another slam on the Obama administration. The Hitler cap and stash was insulting and shows your ignorance. You should put that on your trump as you so gracious praise and think he will be better in not invading ones rights yeah right (like I said ignorance). I am already laughing at what is to come. While you slam current administration for what you deem not correct stay clear and do for all but I doubt you will be able to because again ignorance. If the government is paying for something they have the right to say how and what can be done with it. Great policy of not allowing smoking.

  6. Eric says:

    There are many landlords that do not allow smoking inside the rental property, not only Section 8 properties. Volunteers of America sent out a memo to all residents living on their properties about smoking being banned on their properties. Some tenants got evicted for not complying. Smoking is a choice and not a good one! Don’t like it, then move out!

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