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The other day we showed you an interview with MBA President David Stevens who said we simply aren’t building starter homes in this country right now.¬† Well it turns out that the reason is we simply don’t have the people to build them forcing builders to build more expensive homes to remain profitable.



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"Shortage of Construction Workers Stalls Housing"

  1. Michael Huffman says:

    Always pushing the limits! But that’s what it takes to get people’s attention now. Here’s another angle on this. Could it be possible that illegal immigrant workers caused labor rates to go down to the point it pushed out legal home builders to begin with? The shortage we have now could be a way for the market place to correct the compensation back to where it should be to allow legal workers to generate a reasonable income for the very difficult work they perform. Get the news back out there that there that labor rates are going up and it will attract qualified builders back into the market. I have no problem with utilizing immigrant workers, but they must follow the process. There is a VISA process to allow workers we have a shortage of to enter.

  2. Bill Burnett says:

    Try smaller homes with increased density. That will allow the builder to hit their number.

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