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Selling Lifestyle Rather Than Numbers




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"Selling Lifestyle Rather Than Numbers"

  1. James Scholl says:

    We are told that the shortage of inventory is because current owners are not willing to list their home for sale. So where is this excess of buyers coming from who are bidding up list prices? Don’t they have homes to sell?

    1. Daniel Magnano says:

      First time buyers

    2. somedude says:

      you got it, artificial low rates, AUS (automated underwriting system), Net proceeds (over list sale) from one markets transferred to different market – ask who bought that home? did they used a low down, artificial low interest loans to over bid list price? you’re asking the right questions. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DWiV0ZyX4AIhGUO.jpg

  2. I agree your mortgage lender can totally help seal the deal by taking the time to review their finances with them and show them ways/areas they can make adjustments that would be of money saving benefits.

  3. Ed Westerman says:

    I have used this idea for years and have incorporated it in the name of the company. As a one person operation I have to use every trick in the book to compete against the high dollar agencies.

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