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Selling Convenience Over Price is The New Way




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"Selling Convenience Over Price is The New Way"

  1. Turnip says:

    People are leaving construction companies, because the of the pay and the abuses of those that run them. Those that run construction companies have been so emboldened, that they do everything they can to skirt paying workers, including paying illegals off the books, or threatening to do so if you don’t like your 12$ an hour. For the rather high risk of losing my hands, or life, I’ll pass.

    We can fix this though! We just need more WOMEN in the construction trades. Maybe then the non-minority working men might get raise, as to not look underpaid, when compared to the new diversity hires.

  2. Terrel A Miller says:

    In California, alone…the re-builds after our latest “fire season” could put a LOT of people to work! (Rumor has it, kids are being trained how to hammmar nails due to lack of adults applying for those jobs…this from a concrete contractor.)

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