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Ben Carson wants to fix section 8, but Julian Castro says we should leave it alone.  What are you thoughts?



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"Section 8 Leave it or Fix it?"

  1. Susan says:

    Many section 8 voucher tenants do indeed work. Are they milking the system? Landords get a steady income, tenants are able, with added income able to obtain housing in areas with better schools for their children, removing their children from the otherwise drug infested, crime ridden “housing projects” I agree the system needs fixing however quality, time and cost are always the key factors. At what cost and how much time would it take to fix the system.

  2. Sonya Muller says:

    While it may not be worth the resources to revamp the system, I do believe that efforts should be enhanced on ensuring that applicants meet the initial continuing qualifications in order to receive benefits. In my years spent as a property manager, I saw plenty of abuse whereby those receiving assistance actually had jobs (although obviously did not report the income); had other family members living with them and paying them rent; and even had resident single moms on assistance dealing drugs in the community.
    I know you can’t eliminate abuse and fraud, as it goes on in the WIC vouchers and food stamps programs as well, but there has to be an efficient way to manage these programs such that the people who really need the assistance are the ones getting it.
    Great post!

  3. Ed hoffman says:

    Don’t make judgments based on Julian castro’s summary of the program. Castro is an Obama clone and paints pretty pictures to influence you to make himself look good.

    Obama said last night that he saved us from the worst economy since the Great Depression. The real story is he. borrowed $10 Trillion and just gave it away to his friends and for people to live on so no one. Would be hurting but fixed nothing. He just saddled up future generations (our kids) with debt and kids ckefvtve can on down the street

  4. Lisa Helms-Miller says:

    In Columbus, Ohio we had 200 housing vouchers and 24,000 people who applied for them. We are $56,000 units short when it comes to affordable housing. This is a problem that the city is working on. See National Trust Fund, which is addressing the shortage of housing shortage and intermixing section 8 with non section 8 options. The builders are being offered incentives to be landlords.

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