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Rethink Everything

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"Rethink Everything"

  1. Frank
    I really appreciate the work you and Brian do, but in this instance you say you don’t want to debate the Vietnam War and then proceed to spew misinformation. Read General Giap’s Memoirs and you will find that after the Tet offensive where the Vietnamese tried a frontal assault and were crushed. He was ready to talk peace as they were killed 10 to 1 by our forces. Had it not been for Walter Cronkite’s statement that we could not win which catapulted the antiwar movement and eventual change in prosecuting the war from an offensive action to win the war to one of wait and die.
    You are an expert in you field, but before you use an analogy please check your facts and not spread the lie about what transpired in Vietnam. As the song goes, Man I lived it.

    Analogy aside I think you’re right on.

  2. Timothy King says:

    I like the Sun Tsu message, know your enemy!

  3. Deb Fox says:

    Thank you for your service.

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