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Response to Open Message to NAR




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"Response to Open Message to NAR"

  1. “Read the small print”.

  2. Alma Kee says:

    Time to get rid of the mandatory NAR! How about Realtors band together and form an International Assn of Realtors that actually represents our best interests. I’m still upset at the foolish decision to sell Realtor.com to Rupert Murdoch’s World Corp. Time to give the NAR leaders a pink slip!

  3. Debbie Ward says:

    I think that Zillow, open door, and all those others need to be brought to the consumers attention that they are farce. They cannot tell you what is going on in your area. People need face to face they have to have someone have their back. That is what a Realtor does. We are with you all the way through the good and bad.

  4. Nate Reeder says:

    iBuyers will be obsolete when this extreme sellers market turns. We’re overdue for a downturn. I know everyone wants to insist this credit bubble will be different but that’s what bubbles do, burst. Why get so wrapped up in a business plan that isn’t set up for long term success?

  5. Mike Freeman says:

    Thank you for keeping this front and center. THere is no question that these I buyers are screwing homeowners. The sad part is that I am seeing Individual investors do the same thing, especially to homeowners who might be in a tight spot and are getting taken advantage of in their weakness.

  6. Mark Lemon says:

    I see this from an “inside politics” point of view. iBuyers still use NAR members, so while iBuyers compete with traditional brokers NAR “officially” feels they have to stay out of the fight. Remember when the Democratic Party put their thumb on the scale for Clinton over Sanders? Big umbrella groups like political parties have to make these kind of judgement calls all the time. However, you can bet there are some heated private and internal discussions at NAR about this subject.

    So to continue the analogy, your get-out-the-vote strategy is a sound one. Unless the majority of rank and file NAR members pressure NAR nothing will change. Since most realtors don’t have a clue who NAR is or what they do, NAR is naturally motivated to continue business as usual.

    One final point is that iBuyers (think AOC) may be a thing in the big markets, but have zero traction in the fly-over states. I’m sure there are those in NAR management who believe iBuyers will all crash and burn in the next recession and NAR will emerge unscathed.

  7. Angela Crawford says:

    I see NAR as political group and we all know how politicians work…

  8. Jimmie Darland says:

    One way to get attention is the same way as the politically correct groups do is quit using their product as I see it NAR, State & Local boards have no product the product belongs to the agents. Start with the local boards if they are not willing get rid of them. Here locally the main board which own the MLS would not join with a regional MLS because they would have merge the local MLS into it.
    I’ve been a member most of the last 30 years I’ve seen nothing any of the boards have done for the agent except the MLS. I get my renewal classes for about half of what the local board charges from other providers.

  9. NAR please hire frank and brian to produce a video for you!

    The video staff or guy they have on board are creating entertaing videos that appeal to the younger crowd who is looking at videos online .
    The graphics, the cuts, the mudic are really very modern. So guys, you are emcouraged herre, please put a pitch together and create a video advertising campaign for NAR.

  10. Thom York says:

    I agree with Alam Kee! It is time to FIRE NAR! They do not represent Individual Agents. All those Ibuyers Companies are members of NAR. It is time for a NEW Group that represents Individual Agents Only!

  11. Kevin Vargas says:

    You are spot on. It’s a shame that NREP has to be afraid of repercussions from NAR. As far as I’m concerned the “Realtor” ads from NAR are a waste of my dues that I have to pay, they are a necessary evil!!! They should have been all over these real estate portals from day one. As you mention, NAR fails to bring the actual value we as agents bring to our clients in the day to day challenges of buying/selling a home. They have sat back for years watching this technical transition in the real estate world unfold and basically went along with supporting these other companies while leaving us “out to dry”. Personally I would like to see them hit these companies hard with quantitative data instead of qualitative data. But then again, here’s another major company that is out of touch with their supporters, the boots on the ground realtors, they focus more on being politically correct instead of standing by our side and communicating our true value to the consumer. If it was up to me, I wouldn’t give NAR a dime because of the lame direction they have been going the last several years!!! I’ve been watching you guys since the early days of TBWS and enjoy and appreciate both Brian and your commitment to tell it like it is!!!
    Please keep up the good work!!!

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