Reps Setting Up to Fire CFPB Directory Cordray

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The House and it’s Reps are setting up to fire CFPB Directory Cordray for cause.  Will it happen?




3 thoughts on “Reps Setting Up to Fire CFPB Directory Cordray”

  1. Wes says:


    Forget about Dick Cordray…Shut down the CFPB!

  2. SCOTUS says:

    No. It won’t happen. Cordray’s term ends in July of 2018. He can be replaced then. ANY attempt to fire him or challenge the constitutionality of his office/the CFPB will be tied up in court for at least that long. This is nothing more than theater (and a waste of our money) by congressional windbags.

  3. SarcasmDetector says:

    For the love of God his name is CorDRAY, not CorDROY.

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