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We read an article on Realtor Mag stating that Realtors can never be replaced by robots.  Well, that might not be the case, check out what we found.



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"Replacing Realtors with Robots"

  1. Dot Beckley says:

    Great show. I am amazed at the number of Realtors I know who are trying to get by on as little technology as possible. I have lots of nieces and nephews in the 20-35 age range and I have seen that they would prefer to do everything online without having to actually talk to anyone or worse, make an appointment to go see someone-lender, Realtor etc.
    I guess the article in Realtor Mag was for those Realtors who still think the internet is the enemy:)

  2. Just curious…how many people have gotten in an argument with their phone? Robot realtor has the potential to be perfect but never will. Zillow has not even been able to perfect the Zestimate. I'll be long gone before this happens. I love tech but it's all glitchy. Use it where it helps. It's a much shorter pitch to replace the loan officer. I'll bet they could do that from India. They never come out to our office. Lol!

  3. Amy L. Troup says:

    If we can be replaced by technology…….we are not doing our job.

  4. Bill Hamberg says:

    Looking at it all wrong!

    Sign me up; if I had a Realtor Robot as a Buyer's Agent, Marketing Specialist (they know social media & SEO, right?), Conveyancer, Short Sale Negotiator (can't argue with logic, right – that one was rhetorical), Appraiser, home inspector, ohhh and Starbucks runner – my work week may be cut down to 40 hours. Hell, I could spend more time at the gym, get stuff done around the house and actually spend time with the family!

    How do I get on the list for tone of these little beauties? Is there an IPO!?

  5. I have to agree 100% with this video. Countless times I have been in a purchase situation where the listing agent was subpar, ego-driven, or in some way inserted drama into the equation for no apparent reason, and then left the property in awful condition and said "sorry, it's on you". In one case, the seller left 2-3 car loads of garbage (aka personal property, including a well stocked frig full of spoiled perishables) in another the seller left a recycle bin full of dog turds. Keep in mind these were not REO properties but what appeared to be normal sellers with experienced agents that had previously good reputations. If you dont mind, which companies are working on this technology? it's closer than we might think and will be driven by consumers and not NAR.

  6. Tim Lord says:

    I think we are more likely to see Loan Officer Robot.

  7. Don Schmidt says:

    Jestons' soundtrack with a "reality" background of the their home that includes Rosie the maid. How can you go wrong with that? 🙂

  8. Elias Salas says:

    Don't laugh. Uber Real Estate is comming!

  9. Jim says:

    “Hey Robot Realtor, thanks for showing my house. I don’t suppose you know what happened to my flat-screen television and prescription medications?”

  10. Steve says:

    Here is an idea. Lets just give all the jobs to robots. Couldn’t they do almost every job? Accounting, Surgeon, IT, Trash etc. I DO NOT think this would be a good idea in the slightest, just go watch what happens in I ROBOT.

  11. Leslie De Palo says:

    It will take a LOT longer to get a Loan Officer Robot because a Robot would not be able to deal with the many, different completely illogical rules, regulations, and restrictions that change from loan to loan arbitrarily it seems AND at the same time deftly communicate between a bewildered, anxious, Borrower and a cold, unfeeling financial institution — a financial institution whose only job it is to think up any and every possible way they may be cheated or lied to so they can request every possible piece of financial documentation and letters of explanation, no matter how silly, unneccessary or illogical. How could/would a robot be able to keep a Borrower calm and reassured that their loan will close and create a real relationship with them? A robot would blow itself up by the sheer illogical nonsense it would have to endure. Have YOU ever been screamed at by a drunk Buyer’s Agent who demanded you do everything he said no matter what. Truly, a robot would not survive one loan dealing with all of the crazed entities involved in closing, funding and recording a loan! They can try though…good luck…PLUS a robot could not even send this message…ROFL…

  12. Angie Borras says:

    If agents don't adapt they'll be a thing of the past. Most of them already are…

  13. Neal Hughes says:

    Is anyone else having problems with the website not displaying correctly?

  14. Apps and robots won't hold your hand through the problems that occur in a transaction, and there's always problems…usually caused by the transactional lender or ridiculous under writer requirememnts. As a Realtor, I'm navigating my clients through the paperwork, negotiations, problem solving and counseling required to get a deal done. I'm on the cutting edge of tech, I love it, but I'm usually cleaning up lender messes, not the other Realtor messes…but I know & work with a lot of great agents at this point of my career…and one of my best friends is a lender actually.

  15. Deborah Fox says:

    And how is this different from Robot mortgage lender?

  16. We are already seeing Rocket Mortgage, which is effectively a Robot to take the place of a mortgage broker. Why not have a Realtor Robot? For those deals where everything goes swimmingly, which is about half of the time, it might actually work. But for the other half of the transactions, where Murphy's Law rears it's ugly head, someone needs to step in. Perhaps in the future, title companies will have Expediters who can step in to assist with the transaction.

    Here's the rub… who is going to stroke egos, help couples compromise, get people past buyer's remorse, negotiate repairs? Who is going to talk underwriters through atypical situations or convince borrowers that, damn it, they are just going to have to provide the information … period … no getting around it?

    Yep, it's coming, but it's still a couple of generations away.

    Frank, as for a home building robot, we are almost there!!! Check it out!!!


  17. Mr. Krispy says:

    The day millennials replace their spouses with robots is the day we should all be worried about robots taking over for Realtors, Loan Originators, National Real Estate Post hosts, etc. Human connection and interaction will always be the important part of buying and selling. Decisions are made with emotion and then justified by data which is then typically “adjusted” to support the emotional decision. And yes Brian and Frank, you too are selling…..

  18. Chase Pozzi says:

    As long as every Realtor Robot, on every deal, doesn't anxiously ask me if I can fund the loan in 3 weeks to get a faster commission…I'm sold!

  19. The internet is impartial?

  20. Eric Goosen says:

    the very fact that we are commenting on this by way of internet chat gives way to robot realtor

  21. Like so many things, it may look good on paper, but I don't just sell homes & condos, I sell a lifestyle – Florida's all-year Waterfront lifestyle, so unless your robot realtor is sporting a tan and can touch ones senses …I'm not all that worried

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