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We had an error in our system yesterday and this show didn’t go out.  So here it is!  Yep, the WSJ is feeling about the CFPB pretty much the same way as everyone else.  It’s an out of control problem agency.



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"REISSUE: Wall Street Journal Not Liking CFPB"

  1. I saw the letter yesterday, when there was no video. Now there is video but no letter. Strange!

  2. Where is the letter

  3. Mike Cathi says:

    I may have missed you covering this but have you addressed the Elizabeth Warren impact on the CFPB situation?

  4. Mary Atlanta says:

    CFPB undermines Congressional oversight. Congress must not relinquish their oversight obligation.

  5. Surprise, another policy enacted by this adminastration that is unconstatutional. Just a heads up Brian poiting out facts like this will get you fired from Good Morning America.

  6. Mark Brown says:

    Well, looks like technical difficulties remain. However, even without reading the letter, I think it contains:
    1. The CFPB is NOT doing this consumer any good
    2. It is not good for the economy, or for anyone else
    3. The arbitrary rules being written cost EVERYONE
    4. Etc…along these lines
    And…without even reading it, I theorize that the vast majority of your audience totally agrees with it. (Me included)
    Good Morning America will either change your appearance/demeanor, or you will NOT last long in their "culture." (Read "CFPB Friendly" over there)

  7. Monique says:

    Still scratching my head as to why Frank and Brian have not testified to Congress about the CFPB.

  8. It sounds to me like the Fed is now able to intervene in big business or of any size for that matter through the auspices of CFPB. If the CFPB is funded by the Reserve, in whatever means possible, then it is the same as being sponsored by the Reserve where its influential powers may be exercised through suggestion, implication, or imposition of their will directly or indirectly through the CFPB. The CFPB is nothing more than an extension or incumbent son of the FED to do or not to do whatever it pleases. This is dictatorship plain and simple. It must come down.

  9. Don Madisen says:

    need that letter!!

  10. David Witsen says:

    PLEEEEEASE Post or Email the Letter !
    And Where do I send the letters My Clients have given me

  11. Paul Krause says:

    I was able to watch the video without having it disappear multiple times, so thanks for finally fixing that. However, there is no link to the letter you alluded to in this video. I'd certainly like to read it.

  12. Thom York says:

    letter please….

  13. Bryan Buck says:

    How about the "cause" to fire Dick Cordray the fact that he was unconstitutionally "recess" appointed?

  14. This is exactly how the Left Wing Socialists planned it. The CFPB is doing exactly what they were told. A full frontal assault on the Banking Industry. The same way they are trying to take over health care. They want to the Industry to fail so they can take it over. Beware of Hillary and more of the same…

  15. Where is the link for that amazing letter I'm dying to see?

  16. The CFPB was here baby before Cordray. She got the ball rolling on this BS.

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