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Refinances fall away as purchase loans soar.  What’s more is foreclosures are at an all time low as well.



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"Refinances Fall Away as Purchase Loans Soar"

  1. SarcasmDetector says:

    I did a quick review and I’m refi to sale closing ratio is two to one, so refis aren’t exactly dead if you have the right market strategy. Also, sales will stay strong for years to come because we have the largest number of millennials in the history of our country (those who are most likely to form a new household are 33 years old) and that number will increase each of the next 9 years. Millennials are 35% of the FTHB market this year and will be @ 50% in 2018.

  2. Dan F says:

    The appraiser is supposed to give the most probable value not the most highest possible value. If the appraiser was allowed to include both or a range of value, your problem would be solved. At least until a market correction, then the appraiser goes back under the bus.

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