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Refinancable Consumers Plummet based on a new report.  There needs to be a major push on finding those new listings.



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"Refinancable Consumers Plummet"

  1. Steven Woloszyk says:

    Just for my edification, is it refinancable or refinanceable?

  2. KD says:

    Like the idea of having a strategy meeting with the agent on how to drum up more listings to get more inventory and transactions moving. Plus it’s a great relationship builder. What I do see is a LO helping an agent get more listings, then a buyers agent brings in a qualified buyer with another lender and everyone wins except the LO that helped get the listing. Do you have any suggestions on how to combat that piece? Keep up the good work.

    1. Greg Grapsas says:

      How true. I once had a purchase client who was going to buy a spec house and the builder had been sitting on it for several mos. Yet that builder had the nerve to tell my client he had to use the builder’s lender. Fortunately my client stood firm. The builder did everything to then try and screw up the transaction. That is how tight they are with their preferred lenders.

  3. Blake Kleckner says:

    Hi KD:

    My suggestion for you is to stop wasting your time meeting with realtors and involve yourself in a phone campaign explaining to them how you can make them more money, and open up new markets, through creative loan structuring. And, don’t believe that refis are dead. They are alive and well if you know where to look for them!

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