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Redfin Shows Its True Colors



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"Redfin Shows Its True Colors"

  1. Sandy Butler says:

    Hopefully the NAR that we pay in to will go to bat for us with effective advertising to help buyers and sellers understand that they need a human to advocate for their best interest in the sale or purchase of real estate.

  2. Jacci Anders says:

    What a poor business practice for consumers. They are mislead to believe this company will be the best option to pursue when purchasing a home, and they think they have nothing to worry about!! So many issues!! But there will be some who fall for it.

  3. Ray Leone says:

    That is correct. It’s called dual-agency. Real estate being the only industry in which the agent can be the prosecuting and defense attorney in the same transaction.

  4. Ray Leone says:

    And, let’s not forget, Redfin will also be the lender on the transaction.

  5. jaydee says:

    Welcome to the real world Realtors. The banks are trying to do away with appraisers too. What can possibly go wrong?

  6. W K says:

    The Realtors in our area don’t even do avids until the last minute, anything array they through everyone but themselves under the bus. Therefore they are overpaid. Their insurance deductible still allows them to make money, where others involved in real estate process will end up in hole. Again, Realtors need to be more responsible for sale of property to back up the huge commission.

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