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Red Flag Fraud Warning from Fannie Mae



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"Red Flag Fraud Warning from Fannie Mae"

  1. Jay Jones says:

    Immigrants are scared of buying cars and houses. No foreigner is buying or refinancing because of fear. Look at the areas where houses are going down in value.

  2. ed duncan says:

    probably a good idea to stick to Mortgage info

  3. Pray Hard says:

    FNMA issuing fraud warnings … does anyone else detect the irony in that?
    I guess ABC will kill my show now.

  4. Waqar Meyer says:

    Winter is always coming and eventually it gets here. The correction is upon us.

  5. Larry says:

    Listen to the Appraisers. Their daily data gathering and analysis will always let you know what is to come 3-6 months before it becomes general knowledge to the public.

  6. REOREALTOR1 says:

    I watch your show as it’s generally informative. However, every time you allow your political bias to let plain stupid to fall out of your mouth makes you look silly. Referring to Hillary Clinton as a housewife discredits hoer and women everywhere. She’s a graduate of Yale which seems to be why you think Carson’s sons friend is acceptable. She also served as Secretary of State and her reviews on children’s legal rights have been cited in case law. So calling her a housewife is both a politically biased and misogynistic statement. Stick to reporting on valid industry issues.

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