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We all know about virtual tours, that’s nothing really new, but Realtors seem to be going bonkers over this new technology.



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"Realtors Bonkers Over New Virtual Video Tech"

  1. Helen Saghy says:

    I gave up on virtual tours years ago. Buyers indicated they were annoying. I invest in high quality stills. Buyers can move through them quickly and they have high resolution. Virtual tours take time that buyers don’t want to invest.

  2. dan michaud says:

    Harry and Marv (Home Alone bad guys) could have saved themselves so much trouble if they had been able to use Matterport to case the joint. House burglers rejoice!

  3. Larry Loef says:

    I have also found that some buyers view a virtual tour and feel that they have then “seen” the property and do not need to go and “physically” see it. Not so good for sellers. I always advise my sellers that virtual tours are a double-edged sword !

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