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Yesterday we had a real estate agent on the show telling us what the “dream lender” is to her.  Today we hear from a loan originator about what his dream real estate agent looks like.



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"Realtor Loves Lender Part 2"

  1. Leslie says:

    THANKS for the program today, Frank — it was really helpful! I appreciated Brian’s comment that he views Realtors and Mortgage Loan Originators as equals. THAT is something to keep in mind. I have had flakey realtors who try to use me as a “commodity”, even though they admit they see I have great value as a partner doing the Open Houses with them and following up with potential clients, answering seemingly complex questions about loan programs and aspects of the loan transaction, etc. When approached about spending my own money for their marketing expenses before we have done any business, I respond with “after my next completed loan transaction, I will take a portion of my commission and put it towards a Broker’s luncheon for you” or something of that ilk. IF I gain any business from that, then I will consider more marketing money assistance with that particular Realtor. I am speaking to myself here: WE, as qualified, experienced, dedicated Loan Officers who work hard and are diligent, communicative, honest and responsible, must be treated as equals and NOT as a mere commodity. BRAVO, Brian LaFlamme (spelling?!) THANK YOU!

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