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A RE/Max agent was fired for making a comment on a post about a BLM event that was going to take place in his area. Today we talk about what his comment was and ask you, our viewing audience, what your thoughts are on the matter. We’re not taking any sides on this, but we think it’s important to talk about it so we can learn how to properly engage with each other. This isn’t the first incident where a real estate professional has been terminated due to activities on social media. Before you post anything to social media, take a minute to think about what you’re saying and how it might impact someone else.

There’s a quote I (Frank) learned somewhere recently that’s really stuck with me. Here it is: Before you say anything to anyone consider these 3 things. 1. Is it kind? 2. Is it true? 3. Is it necessary? If your comment or statement truly passes all three of these questions, then you’re probably going to be okay, but even if it does pass all three, you may still want to keep your thoughts to yourself.

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