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Realtor Associations Sound Asleep at the Wheel



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"Realtor Associations Sound Asleep at the Wheel"

  1. John Bacon says:

    I knew NAR was a mess when they sold the name Realtor.com Also, us Realtor Members are not involved in the election process at all… perhaps you should look into how our NAR Elected Officials got their position… it’s not pretty!

  2. This is critical to my career.

  3. The National Association of Realtors is taking action, check out article here – “National Association of REALTORS® Moves to Dismiss Moehrl Suit; Shows Lawsuit is Based on Rule Fabricated by Class Action Attorneys”: https://www.nar.realtor/newsroom/national-association-of-realtors-moves-to-dismiss-moehrl-suit-shows-lawsuit-is-based-on-rule

  4. Evelyn Murphy says:

    Keep me updated

  5. Sonia Felix says:

    Thank you for the information. My company sent out this information when Time first published it.

  6. Judy Mullins says:

    Thank you Sam DeBord for the links noting NAR’s position to dismiss these lawsuits. In addition, I have also emailed the NAR for a direct response on how they are supporting their member-REALTORS on this important issue. I will also do so at the State level and solicit their response, position and what they are doing in support of local/state member-REALTORS. If these associations that rely on membership to exist are inundated with member inquiries as to what they are doing to support their memberships, maybe they will get a clue, and get more involved.

  7. Lou Sanderson says:

    How can I share this on FB RE groups
    I tried and it did not work

  8. Can you give us a link to continue to follow the story over the next 18 months?

  9. I don’t wee how these attorneys have a leg to stand on. Our commissions are negoatiable and what we offer the co-broke is not only negotiable but also communicated to the seller (at least in Wisconsin and Tennessee and Georgia).

  10. I don’t see that these attorneys have a case. Our commissions are negotiable and so is what we offer to co-brokes. In Wisconsin and Tennessee both we disclose to the seller what we are offering for co-broke compensation.

  11. Kathy Schwarz says:

    so crazy – keep me posted

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