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Real Estate Agent Income Drops Big Time

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"Real Estate Agent Income Drops Big Time"

  1. Allison Smith says:

    You have also forgotten to mention all of the starter homes that were bought up by hedge funds like Blackstone/invitation homes that bought them up at the auctions during the recession. These homes are now being held as rental properties instead of going back into “the food chain”.

  2. We’ve got the government forcing us to do so many things now. Do we want more? Here in Austin the city council has passed an ordinance that every employer has to give paid sick leave.

  3. Joseph Lee says:

    I’m not getting an email confirmation when registering for the Angel Oak webinar.

    1. admin says:

      Not sure why that’s happening, I’ll try and put you in manually.

  4. Fred Weber says:

    Please sign me up for your seminars, I’m ready.

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