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Today we talk to Barry Habib about housing and much to our surprise, he’s feeling we could still see rates go lower!



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"Rates Can Still GO LOWER Believe it or Not"

  1. Are BPO's on the rise?

  2. I am doing approx 15 to 20 per month. About 1/3 are for HELOC's. The others are properties in some stage of default.

  3. Naomi Pinger says:

    Why do I not have the banner to sign up for the webinars? I would like to watch these and no place to sign up.

  4. Problem is prices went up so high, some areas shows not even low inventory but buyers are like on hold some because prices are too high and some because are afraid of seen market chashing again.

  5. Dora Griffin says:

    So, I'll be happy to see lower rates when and if that happens. As to the housing market I have a daughter in the market, and we are about fed up. Now houses are coming up with "the seller will begin considering offers at 10:00 on Monday" in the comments, setting up a bidding war. I could probably sell my house for $400K today when it was $200K five years ago. Are we expecting folks to double their salaries in the next 10 yrs? Who is going to buy my house from the person who paid $400K?

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