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Yeah that’s right… We said it.  Rate hikes, MSA’s and Strip Clubs.  Pretty much sums it up.



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"Rate Hikes, MSA’s, & Strip Clubs?"

  1. Elwanna McEuen says:

    I really love your service. Thanks.

  2. Suzi Bussacco says:

    So then if you are a lender on Zillow paying portions of your realtors monthly rent for Zillow hoping to get their business from the site might that be misconstrued too?

  3. What I have been saying all along…yawn…a quarter of a point? Bet people will be losing their minds. On your other comments, we really need to get rid of the CFPB.

  4. TA Sullivan says:

    really appreciate your insights and your humor-good combination! Thank you for your website-Happy Holidays!

  5. Bob Windom says:

    Off today's subject, anybody recommend a good mortgage website builder/host? I need to change and I've been looking at Lender Home Page and 220 Marketing? Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated! Merry Christmas all!

  6. So if I take an agent out for a drink now its against the rules now? Or if I send them a thank you card? If we are going to go to this extreme it needs to be against the rules for a lobbyist to go anywhere with an elected official. Not to mention the trips they get paid for by the lobbyist. What’s good for the gooses is good for the gander.

  7. Dora Griffin says:

    I switched to Lender Home Page this year. I'm happy with it. I can do more with it than I have had time to do as of yet. The only thing I don't like is the email hosting. I need to work on this. My mailbox has at least 100 junk emails every morning and they arrive throughout the day. I either need to explore how to fix that or just simply use my gmail account. I looked at 220 marketing, but I cannot say now why I did not choose them.

  8. Dora Griffin says:

    Yeah, John that will happen when the citizens decide they've had enough. So far everyone keeps mum about all the lying, cheating and stealing that goes on in Washington.

  9. JR McLaughlin says:

    Re: New Construction “Preferred Lender” Incentives

    Hi All,

    Don’t know where to post this but I would love to hear about the following:

    I have done a number of new construction transactions representing the Buyer. I have just put one of my Buyers under contract, and as usual, DR Horton will not allow a $4000 Closing Cost credit to be given to my Buyer unless they use DR Horton’s “preferred lender.”

    Does the CFPB or anyone else even care about this? Please share your thoughts Frank & Gary.

    Thank you!
    Realtor & RE Agent in Utah

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