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Quicken and RE/Max have come to blows over an MSA agreement that may have been doomed from the start.  CLICK HERE to see the Inman article.



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"Quicken and RE/Max Come to Blows"

  1. Joy Basher Downey says:

    I am a Remax agent. We receive emails of authorized suppliers all the time. I am not influenced one way or the other or required to utilize those services. I agree with Brian, all day long I go with my local lender because they perform and in most cases exceed my expectations with my client.

  2. Loren Coburn says:

    This is the 2nd time I’ve heard this and the 1st was Inman. However, I’ve never referred Quicken to anyone. But I don’t refer anyone to use national lenders. Big marketing doesn’t do crap for good customer service.

  3. Michele says:

    It’s funny that they go after the lenders and haven’t attacked Zillow yet. If you have preferred lenders you’re good until you make a referral to them, then it’s a RESPA violation. How are they getting away with that?

  4. marcus90210 says:

    Although Realtors and brokerages may not face any regulatory repercussions, should the courts find that Quicken Loan’s payments to Keller constituted payments for referrals then the civil liability against Keller and individual Realtors that referred loans could be huge. There would likely be multiple class and individual actions against these parties.

  5. Jack Girvan says:

    As RE/MAX agents my team has never suggested a client use a lender who advertises to us. Major lenders such as BOA and a direct to consumer lender like Quicken wouldn’t ever be considered. We have relationships with 4 loan officers, each with a special niche who have been in the business for 10 plus years who deliver the level of service and communication that we demand for our clients.

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