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Pressure mounts on CFPB boss Richard Cordray as the RAG calls him to the mat on his run for Governor of Ohio while on the tax payers dime.



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"Pressure Mounts on CFPB Boss"

  1. SarcasmDetector says:

    The problem we have is a stagnant economy that was propped up by the lowest interest rates on record. Obama is the first POTUS in our history who didn’t have at least one year of 3% growth, and he had 8 years. His anti-business platform and rhetoric was reason for this. Excessive regulations, punitive penalties for minor infractions…it was a mess. Thankfully we have someone in the White House who understands that profitable business is GOOD, not evil. Now we have young families paying $2,000 per month for health insurance and we wonder why they keep borrowing? Please, Congress, repeal and replace the pathetic ObamaCare! Then repeal Dudd-Prank AKA Dodd-Frank.

  2. SarcasmDetector says:

    Please, Dan McGraw, do not suggest something that stupid.

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