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When will the bleeding end for Fannie and Freddie?  Still, there is now hope for their investors to ever get paid it would seem.



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"Poor Fannie and Freddie When Will it End"

  1. Double-Bubble says:

    Let’s face it; the mortgage industry is like a young-adult, degenerate, irresponsible gambler who can’t ever seem to grow up and get their life together. The FED like the absentee, but enabling parent who let their kid move back into their basement after 2008, paid off all his gambling debts, and said, “okay that’s it Fannie Mae, we’ve saved your bacon this time, but there are going to be some changes. You’re going to start acting more responsible, you’re going to pay us back that money we lent to you for your old gambling debts, and then you’re going to have to move out and start taking responsibility for your life”.

    With the FED’s recent announcement of their intent to sell their $1.75 Trillion dollars worth of mortgage-backed securities holdings back to Wall Street and the new administration’s threat to privatize Fannie Mae, it’s clear that the parental FED is starting to show some tough love.

    Do I feel bad that Fannie Mae is having to pay back what it owes its parental-figure, the FED?—NO

    Is Fannie Mae likely to run back to the FED for another bailout once the current housing bubble bursts again?—Definitely YES

    Do I feel bad that the FED wants to collect money from Fannie Mae now, to sort of pad the future expense of having to inevitably take FNMA back and pay off their gambling debts again—Abso-friggin-lutly!!

  2. Double-Bubble says:

    Abso-friggin-lutly NOT!!

  3. Sean says:

    Did you guys change something that would not allow these video’s to play on my older mac anymore? I haven’t been able to view the last few days..

  4. Sean says:

    There’s plenty of evidence out there that the administration at the time was well aware that Fannie and Freddie were about to enter their “golden years” when they “bailed them out”. We could say unintended consequences again for the millionth time, or we can see a much shadier corrupt hand at play here. Remember TARP and HARP and all of the Fed’s tools, how many uber billions have buying those MBS’s made them? And that’s private money, there’s no taxpayer involved there. Just the unconstitutional Non Federal No Reserve.

  5. Gary says:

    What anyone failed to mention was that none of the payments made to the Treasury are being used to pay off the existing debt from the bailout. It’s just riding. The payments are just “dividends” from their preferred stock. None of the payments are going towards the principal of the loan. Didn’t Dodd-Frank make that sort of loan illegal? There’s no money left to pay the debt after the dividends are paid. Sounds like some hokey accounting, doesn’t it? Leave it to the government.

  6. Divedude says:

    Wake up people! Fannie and Freddie will never regain control of themselves because they have been bought and paid for. This is what happens when you knowingly purchase toxic loans and deny any responsibility. They blamed the appraisers. Would you ever trust them again?

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