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PMI Sliding Scale Pricing might be a good idea as per one of our viewers.  Thoughts?



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"PMI Sliding Scale Pricing"

  1. Bernie says:

    what you state here is very good advice that unfortunately will not be listened to. And once again we will have a not very pleasant correction.

  2. dennis says:

    so its better to pay 1000 for rent at a 57% dti or 800 on a house payment at a 47% dti ?.so are we just splitting hairs here??..also a good loan officer is going to teach buyers how to save money …most of my clients havent a dime when they come to me ..when Im done with them they have saved their down payment thru payroll and have usually an extra couple thousand in the bank after closing …since most of this is not being taught to the younger generation…would we be better off to teach how to save and how to budget money ??…

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