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Just Frank today.  My message for you is “please do not wait for the end to come”.  I won’t go into more details here, but please watch and take heed to what I’m saying.  Trust me, it’s important.



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"Please Do NOT Wait for the End to Come"

  1. Wes Well says:

    Preach it Frank!

  2. Tom Pringle says:

    You nailed it Frank!!!

  3. Always be backfilling!

    Never rest on your laurels.

  4. Bill Jawitz says:

    Well Said Frank!! Spot on!

  5. Jack Martin says:

    You are dead on! I have never recovered from the meltdown ten years ago!

  6. Don Schmidt says:

    Frank is spot on! I started in the business as a messenger and working in the mail room at FATCO in San Diego on Feb. 9, 1987, so I was right behind Frank. I've worked title, mortgage and real estate in this business and I learned early on about the cycles. Frank has given excellent advice. Heed it!

  7. Peter Padilla says:

    Right on brotha!

  8. Kurt Nielsen says:

    Frank, you're such a buzz stomper. I am on my fourth picture of mortgage kool-Aid. OK I know you're right! That is why I implemented listing booster and I'm getting set up with coupout

  9. Ruth Siegel-Broker Associate-Berkshire Hathaway says:

    I’ve been in the business since 1976. In 1980 rates shot up to almost 20%. Anyone with cash was making a bundle loaning 2nd loan money. Same advice, back to basics!

  10. Sean D says:

    Amen Frank. And if I may add to that, there’s a directly related piece of advice I constantly fall back on. This especially applies in the good times: Don’t Spend Money Like You’re Making Money.

  11. Isn't this the truth! I have been in the business since 1988. 1994 just about killed me! Rates went up so fast and I did not have my clients locked in. Poof! There went my pipeline. I have learned a lot since then. It is hard to keep marketing when you are busy, but you must!

  12. Patsy Bailey says:

    Thank you!!No truer words. I am saving this for listening to often and sharing!

  13. Ed says:

    Frank, I could not agree with you more! Like you, I got into this business in 1988. I have seen all the valleys and peaks. This business is either feast or femme depending how you market yourself. If you have a solid prospecting plan, it’s going to be more feast for you. Otherwise, future would not be looking very good.

  14. somedude says:

    a whole bunch of debtors are going to wonder why a comparable home will be selling for half of what they owe to XYZ bank. then they will be mail’n the keys back. payment goes up, values go down. because wages aren’t going up. unless we see 60 year terms or some other structure to extend the post 2006 bubble for a bit longer. gonna get real ugly.

  15. Baron Kahle says:

    Sound advice Frank. Thanks!

  16. Nice job, Frank! Some great perspective to start the day.

  17. Lisa LeQuire says:

    Famous realtor prayer: Lord, please give me just one more great real estate market and I promise not to spend it all………..

  18. Scott Davis says:

    I agree 100%. Nothing worse than having great systems/process in place for years only to stop doing what got you to where you are because of the "low hanging fruit" of a rate dip! 2 months later you can't figure out why your pipeline is dry! Been there done that unfortunatly more than once but not again!

  19. Thank you for the reminder and truth. It is sometimes difficult to see this when we are busy.

  20. Sam Mahshi says:

    that was very "just Frank today". Great honest message……thanks from a fellow longtimer in the biz.

  21. Dan Chapman says:

    this is a great reminder that being busy while it brings in the money now it does not sustain unless you priortize your time to prospect and network.

  22. Thanks Frank. That's a shot in the arm the industry needs. Now I mean it in a good sense because it's good medicine. The needle may hurt, but the serum is for good. The industry needs to understand this business is really a "get out and do-it" kind of business. Real work. That has always been the basis of true saleswork or salesmanship. I will save this post because it is good medicine. Thanks again.

  23. Thanks for the great advice. You are so on point with your perspective. As a seasoned Realtor, Investor and Property Manager for 15 years, I have personally experienced the ups and downs of the market. In an effort to maximize on the current HOT real estate market and in preperation for the next market slow down, I recently hired a real estate coach to help me grow beyond low hanging fruit prospecting.

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