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From Brian Stevens

You know there’s a segment of the mortgage industry that has become a mirror of society. Everyone at everyone’s throat. Now I’ve gotten caught up in this. I felt like I had to add my voice and opinion to the fray.

There’s been a lot of folks who supported me and a lot who didn’t. They were and will continue to be vocal. I’ve got to tell you, it’s all just draining.

I spoke with a friend of mine and told him that I’m done getting in the middle of other peoples arguments. I’m not going to do anyone’s bidding anymore. He told me something that I can’t quit thinking about.

He said when you pick up the fight you lose the harvest. When you pick up the sword you put down the sickle. Meaning, we can’t have it both ways. I’d like you to think about that.

You see, we are in the sales industry… when we choose to fight with each other and let social media consume us, we take our eyes off of what our job and obligation is to our clients. It’s one or the other.

In these crazy times where they just shut down my state again, people are going a little stir crazy. Hell I just had the city of Vacaville call me and say they’re gonna send the cops if I show another movie in my local park. Maybe they’re right. I don’t know.

What I do know is that our message is going to be positive. I’ll bring you the industry news, I’ll bring critical analysis and I’ll try to help give direction on what we can do to better ourselves and our community. That will be it.

I will no longer engage in online antics with anyone who thinks they’re attacks on others is helpful. There’s enough of that going on, I’m not needed for those skirmishes to exist. Frankly, I think fewer skirmishes would be helpful and as a result, I’m out.

I hope everyone has a great day and I hope that you use your time to elevate someone, not beat them down. Happy sales.

From Frank Garay

I’ve gotten very little sleep over the past few days. The recent incidents in the mortgage industry consumed me. Brian and I were under so much pressure from so many different angles to “do something”, to “say something”.

We started to move in a direction that we thought was “the right thing to do” though we knew it wouldn’t be popular with many. We even put together a show that was supposed to be released yesterday that was written to further what we believed to be our noble cause.

But something happened in yesterday’s early morning hours. Completely sleepless I watched our scheduled show over and over again. I probably watched it 50 times. Every time I watched it, it made me feel worse and worse until I hated every second of it.

What are we doing? What am I doing? This isn’t us. This isn’t me. By 7:00am I was having a complete melt down. Some kind of a panic attack. I was crying, stressing, freaking out. I’ve never felt like that before. By the time I was able to connect with Brian, I was hysterical.

The pressure to inject ourselves into a very difficult and ugly situation was too much for me. I couldn’t do it. Thank goodness Brian felt the exact same way, so we pulled everything we posted the previous day and deleted the show.

We decided we’ll try our best to never go down that path again. It isn’t good for anybody. There’s so much great stuff we can all focus on. I’d like to say this; If you’ve offended me in the past – I don’t hold it against you, and if I’ve offended you – I’m sorry.

I like to think we’re all good people on the inside. We might not always show it, and we all have our moments, but at the end of the day, we’re all just a bunch of people trying to make a living.

Let’s all try to stay positive and be nice to each other. I promise you I’ll try. I hope you all have a good, productive day.